Happy Tails

Please enjoy some of these stories of happy pets from happy adopters. Have your own Happy Tail? Please send it to us at bdar@bdar.org

{Clyde's} brain injury will never go away which means he will always have 'off' days/sometimes weeks, but we feel so good knowing that we are giving him a loving and patient home and that we can help him grow to be his best self! Sometimes we forget that he is really just a puppy! He is only 1 which gives us so much hope that he will forget about his traumatic first year of life and only remember his new life full of love.

He still circles really fast when he gets excited for treats or about going on a walk or to go on a ride to play fetch at the park! He LOOOOOVES his older brother Arlo and looks to him for guidance with everything!

Thank you for all of the work that BDAR and its volunteers do!

"Meet Neville (and my daughter). We adopted Neville last October. He was 6 months old. He has become a great dog! Full of energy, smart and very goofy.  As you can tell, he has a best human kid. I am so glad we ran into an adoption drive that October day!



Blossom's new name is Lexi. We are very happy with her personality, she's strong, daring and sweet...she fits in with our family perfectly...when she's not playing she wants to cuddle in our laps. She has learned sit, stay and come, and working on more.
Lexi is very happy and loves her new home and family as much as we love her.

"Valentine is wonderful! She hasn't had any issues and is settling in really well. We go on walks almost everyday and take frequent trips to the dog park- which she loves! She's my big cuddle bug and I think that she saved me more than I saved her. Thanks for everything you guys do!"


I just wanted to give an update from our dog Cheddar. She came to use from the litter of 9 that Emmy had, she was being fostered at Lisa's house. Cheddar has become a great family dog. Willow my daughter is 6 years old and those two do everything together. From running through the sprinkler to taking naps to mountain hikes. Cheddar loves to be involved in anything the family is doing.

"I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have found Bruce! He is such a delight. He loves the kids and has fit in so nicely with our family! {The vet} did give us some great tips for health changes to look for unique to his missing that rear leg and how to help him be comfortable. Thank you so much for all you do!"



Hello. I am sorry that I haven't written sooner, but I just wanted to tell you how well Nyxon is doing since his adoption in October. He is such a good dog and has quickly become my family's new loving puppy! He is adjusting well to his new life and home. Here are just a few pictures of him. He loves his "sister" so much that he didn't want her to go back to college unless she took him along! Thank you for all you do for these animals! My life has become so much better with Nyxon as a part of it!!

After a year of having Piper, he seemed to be lonely, so I decided he needed a friend to hang out with. Pasha joined our family in February 2016 and she has been so much fun. She is a great companion for Piper and they have gotten along very well from the very first day. Pasha has so much energy and it is great to see them playing together. Piper waits for Pasha to go outside and will look for her before going out without her. Pasha loves to go for car rides where she can stick her head out the window and feel the breeze. She also thinks she is a 60 pound lap dog as she always wants to cuddle and be close to you.