It’s not just about “saving black dogs.” In fact, Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) is completely colorblind; we welcome in dogs of all colors—and ages, sizes, and breeds, and cats too! It’s not just about finding loving forever homes for the hundreds of animals that come through the doors of BDAR every year, either. At BDAR, we’re working to change the way that companion animals—as well as their dedicated families—are recognized and supported by their communities.

And with every adoption; every new volunteer who joins the program; every person who reaches out and wants to know more about what BDAR is and what we’re envisioning…We’re getting closer and closer to reaching that goal.

Already, our existing programs have directly contributed to thousands of second chances for homeless pets.

Imagine what kind of numbers we’ll be able to reach as our volunteer force grows, our momentum gathers, and we’re able to make even greater progress toward our ultimate goal: making a permanent change in the way Wyoming communities view and provide support for companion animals and their devoted families.

Today is the perfect day to help create a better future for all Wyoming’s companion animals.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I come to see your adoptable Pets?

The animals in this program are not housed in a central shelter facility. Each dog lives with a volunteer foster family in that family’s private home. Because of this, it is generally not possible to see all of the dogs together. However, if there is a specific individual dog you have found on our website or in any of our online adoption listings, you can arrange to meet this dog by appointment with an approved adoption application. The application does not commit you to adopting, but rather ensures our ability to approve your adoption should you meet and fall in love with the dog. 

Our adoptable cats are housed in a variety of locations. Mostly, they too are enjoying the comfort and security of a foster home. But you can also frequently find adoptable cats at the adoption center in Cheyenne or at the PetCo store there. If your place of business would like to play host to an adoptable cat or two, please contact us, we'll give you all of the tools you need to host a cat at your workplace and help them get adopted! If you are interested in a specific cat you see listed on our website, call us to find out where you can go to meet him or her.

Can I surrender my dog to you?

BDAR acts as a resource to shelters within and surrounding the  State of Wyoming to provide alternatives to euthanasia for hard to place animals. Our foster home space is limited and we feel we can make the biggest difference for each individual pet in our program by limiting our intake to those who have already been in a traditional shelter and who were not adopted from there. While we do not accept privately surrendered pets directly into our foster home program, we do offer a re-homing assistance program called PASS (Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender).  If you do not need to immediately relinquish your pet, PASS is a good option.

Do you only rescue black dogs?

No, BDAR rescues dogs of all colors. However, it has been proven that black dogs, and big black dogs in particular, are less likely to be adopted from shelters than dogs of any other color. No one knows why this is. But, it does mean that we rescue a large number of black dogs because that’s who is left behind in shelters after other dogs have been adopted. BDAR rescues dogs without concern for color, but we do advocate for the plight of black dogs in shelters.

Do you rescue cats?

Yes! Our feline rescue program is still in its infancy, but we do have cats available for adoption.

How do you fund the organization?

BDAR is funded entirely though adoption donations, private donations from the public, and foundation grants. We receive no state or city funding and are under no contractual obligations to any other entity. If you are an individual or family who would like to help support our mission, we invite you to learn about our Constant Companion Club which is the only predictable and recurring source of funding for BDAR.

If you are a local business or would like to contribute at a higher level, become a partner in our work, and receive public recognition and sponsor benefits, please visit our Corporate Sponsor page to learn about annual giving and event sponsorship opportunities.

What are your adoption requirements and fees?

BDAR considers pet adoption to be a privilege and that good pet owners can demonstrate a history of responsible practices. Our basic requirements are as follows:

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years of age

  • Adopters’ current pets must be current on their rabies vaccination per local ordinances

  • Adopters must be able to provide a current veterinary reference if they own other pets or have recently owned pets

  • If the adopter rents, they must be able to provide a landlord reference stating that pets are allowed on the property

  • Adopter cannot intend for the animal to be kept as an outdoor only pet, or for the primary mode of containment to be tethering

  • Adopters must be a good match for the animal in question as determined by our adoption counselors

Our adoption fee scale is as follows and includes spay or neuter, current age appropriate vaccinations, microchip with lifetime registration, a free first vet exam, and 30 free days of pet health insurance.


A note about our adoption fees:

BDAR utilizes a variable pricing structure for all of its adoptable animals. Adoption fees are determined based on an animal's perceived desirability, age, training or medical investment, and the length of time they have been available for adoption. Some animals are priced higher than others. These animals' adoption fees provide a legacy gift for others in the program who may need additional resources in order to get the same chance in a forever home. 


Member, Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies, www.cfawa.org
Member, Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition, www.nocorawc.org
Member, Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce www.cheyennechamber.org

Core Values

The Board of Directors, employees, volunteers and others closely associated with achieving the success of Black Dog Animal Rescue’s (BDAR) mission and maintaining the integrity of the organization pledge to uphold these core values.

At BDAR, we are:

Kind - We pledge to treat each other, the animals in our care, and our community with genuine concern and empathy. We will exercise our ability and willingness to take care of each other and to be mindful of other’s needs and perceptions.

Community - We pledge to seek input, adapt to needs, respond to concern, and otherwise include our community in our work. Volunteers, donors, and other shelters and rescues are fundamental to our success.

Generous - We will be responsible and accountable for donations of time, money, knowledge, and service. We will give of ourselves whenever possible in the same way, knowing that our contributions are equally important to our mission and to the success and prosperity of those with whom we share our community.

Positive - In the face of adversity, in spite of the injustice we encounter, we pledge to remain focused on our objectives and hopeful our vision of the future is possible. We will not engage in gossip, slander, or other toxic communication. We will find solutions to problems and resolution to conflict.

Purposeful - We will design our programs and services with intention and focus on the vision of the organization. We will encourage innovation and embrace our visionary foundation. With the time and resources we have, we will work with determination to ensure a better future for the pets and people of Wyoming.