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Microchips | Empty Dish Pet Pantry


Low-Cost Microchips

Affording people the ability to have their pet permanently identified in the event they become missing and need to be reunited with their owner. Pet owners may have their dog or cat implanted with a microchip for permanent identification at a cost of $20. This fee includes registration of the microchip. Call us for an appointment.

The Empty Dish Pet Pantry

Assisting members of the community with free dog and cat food and other supplies during times of financial hardship. To date, BDAR has provided more than 50,000 pounds of free food and supplies to the community.

Qualified pet owners in Laramie County can receive supplemental amounts of dog and cat food (cat food supply varies) to help feed their pets. The Empty Dish Pet Pantry is not a resource for rescue organizations or other animal shelters. 

Effective January 2019: Applicants will only be given food for up to 4 pets, which is the pet limit within the city of Cheyenne. The amount of food your are given is based on the size of your pets, and the maximum amount of food you will be given at any one distribution is 80 pounds.

New Clients: You may complete an application at our office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, at a scheduled food distribution, or online.  Enrollment forms must be renewed at the beginning of each year.  Visit our events calendar to see the schedule for upcoming distribution days.   

Picking up food for others: You can pick up food for yourself and one other person only. You must be listed as an “authorized” pick up person. To authorize someone to pick up your food, you must come to the Empty Dish Pet Pantry and update your client form in person.

Show ID: You will be asked to show identification when you come to pick up food. This will help us to find your information more quickly, allow us to make updates to your form, confirm your legal address and verify that you are the person receiving the service. Please remember to bring a valid driver’s license, ID card, or some form of photo identification that has your name and address.

Verify Assistance: To receive assistance for longer than three months, you will be asked to provide proof of need. This means bringing proof of the qualifying benefit you receive. The following programs qualify: Cash Assistance (POWER), Centsible Nutrition, Child Care and Early Childhood, Emergency Food Assistance (TEFAP), Medicaid, Food Assistance (SNAP), Telephone Assistance (TAP), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Cheyenne Housing Authority, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and Food Stamp Program.

If you are not on a government assistance program but fall under government low-income guidelines, please bring proof of income such as pay stub or unemployment paperwork.

Number of Visits: All Empty Dish Pet Pantry clients may receive food three months out of a 12 month year without providing proof of need. Once you provide proof of need, you may receive food for the remaining months in which you need assistance.

First Come First Serve Basis: The Empty Dish Pet Pantry is a first come first serve program. We ask that you not save spots in line for other people receiving food.

Please, No New Pets: We cannot stress this enough! We know you want to help us save all the homeless animals in our community; however, we urge you to refrain from bringing more pets into your home than you currently have. If you run across a dog or cat that needs help we will be happy to give you information on the different resources in our community.

Other Food Banks: If you get food from another pet food bank, please refrain from getting food from the Empty Dish Pet Pantry.

Amount of Food: This program is intended to help supplement the food you feed your dogs and cats (cat food supply is limited). We will give you half of the food needed to feed your dogs for the month. Food amounts for dogs are based on the dog’s size. All cats receive a set amount of food regardless of size pending our supply.

Location: Food is handed out at the Black Dog Animal Rescue center. The goal of our program is to help our community members feed their pets so that they don’t have to relinquish them to shelters. We want to help as many people and pets as possible, so please take only what you need. The demand for this resource is always greater than the supply.