Zoe and her litter

Zoe and her litter

That’s how many puppies Zoe had. She’s not even a year old and her immature body is hard at work trying to raise this huge family. 

Zoe was left by her people at an overcrowded shelter in Wyoming just weeks before her delivery date. This happy, sweet dog waited at the front of her kennel, belly heavy with babies, hopefully wagging her tail at every passerby. Thankfully, a foster home was available for Zoe, one with the determination and compassion needed to help see her through the whelping and raising of her litter. 


Every day, animals are left behind in shelters through no fault of their own. Unwanted pregnancies are a common malady among pets whose owners either don’t see the need for or cannot afford the necessary veterinary care to prevent them. Despite the care afforded by shelters, rescues, and foster families – there simply aren’t enough resources available to people to help prevent this problem. 

 This is why we are asking for your help now. You may have heard that we recently acquired a new property. This building offers hope for animals and their owners in a way that has never been possible before. 

It is our plan to open a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in part of this building in the future. But, we’ll need your help to do that.


Our friends at Coldwell Banker, The Property Exchange in Cheyenne want to help, too! That’s why they have pledged to match up to $5,000 to help with necessary work on the property in order to help bring this new vision to life. In order for BDAR to use all of those pledged funds, your donations are needed. Coldwell Banker will match every dollar you donate now on behalf of Zoe, her babies, and all of the other pets who need your help. But don’t wait too long! We need your help now to move this project forward.

Zoe’s puppies are now 3 weeks old. Their eyes are beginning to open and they are getting a first look at the world around them. Their bellies are fed and they are warm and comfortable in their foster home. But what about others like them? Right now, there are puppies and kittens all over our community who will need future care. The questions is, where will they get it, and will their people be able to afford it?

Your gift today says, “Yes. They will.” Together, we’re going to make
it happen. 

P.S. Zoe’s unplanned litter could have been prevented. Your gift today will help stop this cycle.  Donate now and a matching donation will double your impact.