Why Foster?


“But, I would get too attached and just couldn’t let them go!”
“My schedule is too hectic.”
“I have kids, dogs and cats! How could I fit in one more?”
“I can’t afford another animal!”

We have heard ‘em all folks…Reasons why people choose not to foster a dog or cat in need.  And it isn’t like we aren’t listening, agreeing, or sympathizing. We really do. It isn’t an easy thing to do. It is a big, sometimes inconvenient, commitment. However, there are some things you may not have thought of when it comes to taking in your first foster animal.

  1. Getting too attached. I’d like to dispel that myth right now!  Sure, we all got into this animal rescue business because we love animals. And how do you nurse some sick little puppy or kitten back to health and not feel a connection? But in reality, a lot of animals just don’t fit into every household. Most foster homes are ready to match their temporary resident with a home that matches them much better. Also, many foster homes maintain the mentality that it isn’t their pet to begin with…. They are just dog or cat-sitting for someone else. It is easier than you think! It is so rewarding to see a happy family take their new dog or cat home. (It is actually a little addicting.)

  2. Hectic schedules. I don’t think anyone claims that they just have a calm, boring life that needs some more responsibility heaped on top. We are all busy, busy, busy people balancing work and home life. Our foster homes consist of large families, college students, career-driven individuals, single moms, and pretty much every other type of person you can think of. They live in apartments to ranches. A foster animal will happily try to fit into whatever environment you can provide. Even if you can’t walk the dog every day, they are happy to no longer be sleeping on a cement floor. (BDAR also does a lot of promotion to help get your animal adopted on your behalf, so you don't have that as a primary responsibility.)

  3. I would need an animal that fits in with my existing pets and/or children. No problem, we can accommodate that! Most of our foster homes have their own dogs. Many have cats. Many have small children. Our fantastic foster home coordinator will work with you to find an animal that works with you, and if it doesn’t, we can move them to a home that does.

  4. I can’t afford it! We have this one totally covered! BDAR pays for all transportation, veterinary care, supplies, food, and toys for your foster pet.

The most important reason to foster is that we need you. The animals need you. For every person that steps up to make that choice, an animal is saved from euthanasia. You are not only making a huge difference in the life of that animal, but you are helping to change the entire system to one that promotes humane treatment of homeless pets. BDAR has a program that allows you to try out fostering quickly and easily and see if it for you. Learn more about Try It Once program, fostering, and more FAQs here: http://www.bdar.org/foster-program/