The Role of our Rescue


Even though the term “Rescue” is becoming more common, there are many who don’t know exactly what they are, or the role they play in any given community. While it can vary from place to place, at BDAR we serve to fill a gap in animal welfare that previously didn’t exist. Our rescue doesn’t replace an animal shelter, but serves as a resource for animals before or after they enter the shelter.

  1. Before the shelter:  By educating the public about options like spay/neuter, microchipping, and managing expectations for behavior, we try to keep animals in their homes. We also provide resources for individuals struggling with behavior problems and training, too, so that people don’t feel like their only option is to take their pet to a shelter. Programs like PASS (link) and the Empty Dish (link) provide services which might help people keep their pets, or at least rehome them with a safety net.

  1. After the shelter: We do not have the ability to house animals like a shelter does. Our system is foster-based, so we have to have an open foster home to accept an animal. The reason we keep this system is so that we can provide a resource to animals that have already been in a shelter and are unable to quickly be adopted from there, so they may face euthanasia. We rely on partnerships with shelters to let us know what pets they need moved. The reasons can vary…. animals that come to us may be injured, pregnant, too young, special needs, present poorly in a kennel, or the shelter may just be so full that they can’t house any more animals. Sometimes there isn’t a good reason, the dog or cat has just been in the shelter system for too long and has been unnoticed.

But they come to us when the shelter has run of of options/resources. Our foster care network provides a safe place for animals who need more than a traditional shelter setting can provide.

BDAR has grown dramatically in the last ten years, and we feel fortunate to have played a part in saving so many lives. Often, all you need to do is take an “unwanted” pet, give them a bath, take nice pictures, and give them a quiet and comfortable place to sleep, and they find their new home quickly. Others can take a bit longer, but we are committed to helping them succeed. We believe in collaboration with other animal welfare groups and feel as though we could not have made this possible without their help. We are all in this together, and push each other to provide better and better care for our community (both pets and people).