Volunteering at BDAR

BDAR's Top Dog Volunteers

BDAR's Top Dog Volunteers

Do you ever find yourself wondering why people volunteer? The reasons for volunteering can vary from person to person, and range from being a part of an organization/community, helping others in need, to make an impact, or to learn something new. The list can go on and on for why people feel the desire to volunteer. There is also self-fulfillment that is met when someone gives their time to others in need. 

Whatever the reason may be for someone to start volunteering, it is a great way to try something new. With BDAR, we see a wide variety of reasons for wanting to volunteer. Often people want to be around animals and to help the animals out, or learn more about BDAR and what we do.

At BDAR we rely on our volunteers to do many different tasks. The tasks can range from taking cat of the cats at the center on the weekends, to transporting dogs from one state to the other. The list of possibilities for our volunteers is quite long.

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you may not have done before. We are in need of volunteers who will help at community events who do not mind talking to the public and sharing all the things BDAR has to offer. We try to have at least one community event a month, whether it is an adoption drive at Petco or an information table at Super Day.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in trying, we are taking applications for new volunteers. The form can be found on our website under the Volunteer Program page. If you have questions about our volunteer program you can reach our volunteer coordinator, Maddi Haak, at maddi@bdar.org.