Why all the fundraising?

Donations! Sponsorships! Fundraising! These are often the constant rallying cry of non-profits, but it is also the life-blood of many organizations. BDAR is no exception. Most of our major events are tied to bringing money to the program and it is very important that contributors understand what that money provides.

We have had several opportunities to be do-gooders that we may not otherwise have had without the cash:

·      Angel’s recovery

·      Adoptions


·      Pet Food Pantry

·      Puppies! BDAR has several times a year where we get a large influx of pregnant mommas and newborn puppies. All of them require extensive vet care, food, and time before being adopted.

However, we do try to make our fundraising fun for everybody. We have some great annual events where you can help BDAR but also have a good time.

·      Adoption Drives: We regularly host Adoption drives in Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie. Stop by, make a donation, and meet our adoptable pets. You can also buy some BDAR merchandise and sign up to foster or volunteer. (Check our Calendar for all events and details!)

·      Fountains and Furries – in a friendly bid to see who can raise their half of the money the fastest, we’ve teamed up with the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens to bring a pet-friendly water fountain to their new facility in Lion’s Park. Once it’s there, we’ll dedicate it to shelter pets and the loving families who give them a second chance. Help us raise our half of the needed funds for this project, which will be enjoyed be future generations, by donating here.

·       Petfest: This evolving event takes place in June-August, and is a great kick-off to our beautiful Wyoming summer. It is a collaboration between BDAR and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, stay tuned for updates to this fun opportunity!

The biggest thing to remember is that your dollars go directly back to help animals that previously had no voice in Wyoming. And none of these events or programs would be possible otherwise.  If you enjoy seeing people in Wyoming help and care for puppies like Angel, fight animal cruelty on a legislative level, or provide education on issues like responsible pet ownership, we ask you to give back. We want to fight the fight on behalf of animals. 

Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate.

Please check out our 2016 Annual Report to see the actual data of how funds were used within BDAR last year.