CaPAWtal City PetFest reflects era of collaboration

Frequently at BDAR, we are asked some variation of the question "why do we need your organization and the animal shelter in the same community?"

Here's my answer:

Until we are free of abandoned, abused, and homeless pets, this community needs all of the resources it can get to help cope with the problems that create the homeless pet problem in the first place.

BDAR just passed its 8 year anniversary. And we are happy to say that as time has gone by, our relationship with and ability to work together with both our local animal shelter and others across the region has gotten much better. Relationships take time to build; trust and collaboration require ongoing efforts to thrive.

The new CaPAWtal City PetFest is a reflection of the time and dedication of two organizations constantly seeking to improve the lives of people and animals in our community.  There is no doubt that Cheyenne loves its pets. The fact that we have two well-respected and influential organizations thriving in this community is reflective of those values.  Now, those two organizations are working together, stronger than ever, to ensure that this community has access to the education, resources, and tools needed to provide a healthy framework of support for both pets and pet owners for the future. 

That support comes in many forms. It can be programs and services provided by our organizations. But it is also delivered through other businesses and individuals; those working to provide the best quality food, toys, medical care and equipment to keep our pets safe, healthy, and happy. We have an incredible veterinary community in Laramie County, and in recent years we've seen several new businesses including specialty pet shops, grooming salons, dog training, and doggie daycare and boarding established here.

The CaPAWtal City PetFest is the one and only place those things can come together at one time to meet and interact with the many proud pet owners in this community. This collaborative event has evolved from two separate events to further unite us all in our love for our pets at home. It provides opportunity for people to learn more about the local resources available to them to help maintain life-long relationships with their animals at home.

Join us this year at the CaPAWtal City PetFest on June 11th. In addition to pet products and service vendors, you can shop local retailers and merchants, snack at some food trucks, listen to music, join us for a fun walk around Sloan's lake, and even adopt a new pet.  

Like our abilities to work together to make Cheyenne the safest place in Wyoming for homeless pets, the CaPAWtal City PetFest will keep getting better. It's an event worth coming out to, and worth investing in for future years. It's also a place to volunteer your time or give your money so that we can continue providing the necessary programs and services which help sustain this increasingly pet-friendly community.

To register for the walk, reserve your event merchandise, and make your donation to help us both continue saving lives, visit our event page here.

Until there is no longer a time when animals face an uncertain future, we will continue working together to be their safety net. 

See you on June 11th!

Britney Wallesch

Executive Director