Thankful Thursday!

Join us for Thankful Thursday at the Redwood Lounge in Cheyenne on April 21st.

This fun event starts at 4pm and lasts all evening. Come any time!  

Most of us feel compassion for homeless pets. We can't bear to think about the pain of losing our homes, our families, everything we know in life, and starting over again, completely new.

But shelter pets do it every day. Their ability to find joy and happiness in a renewed life is astounding. At BDAR, we are acting as the gateway between worlds. One life for another, the old for the new.

Together, we are ensuring a better future for the pets and people of Wyoming.

Donations are still needed for the live auction portion of the event. Contact us at, or 307-214-6600 to donate!

Keep up with exciting event details on our Facebook event page here.

This event includes:
Dinner - Suggested $5 donation per plate
50/50 raffle
Meet special BDAR alumni!

Thanks to the Redwood Lounge for hosting!

Thanks to the Redwood Lounge for hosting!