Foster "Failing"

"Foster failing" is a term that often get thrown around in the rescue circles. I have pointed to one of my own dogs and proudly declared, "That's Harvey, he is our foster failure!" before I noticed the puzzled expressions of the people listening to me. 

To 'foster fail' actually means that you adopt the dog/cat you are fostering, which actually is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, you didn't succeed in successfully fostering an animal from a shelter to it's new home, but it is anything but a failure. Typically, the 'problem' with keeping a foster is that you no longer have room in your home to take another foster dog. But many of us who love fostering continue, and often the adopted dog becomes an excellent ambassador for new fosters. And really, who can fault anyone who can't part with a lovable little shelter pup who becomes part of the family without any even realizing it has happened until it is too late to let them go?

We sincerely appreciate and admire the people who can foster one animal after another and send them out the door with their new forever family. You are the foundation upon which this whole system works! But, every time a foster home calls and says, "What happens if I want to adopt?" I just tell them, "No problem, it happens to the best of us!" We would like to take a minute to recognize our own foster failures that are now a permanent part of the BDAR family.