2019 Football Raffle



The tickets are good for the entire 17 weeks of regular season NFL football. Each ticket is assigned two numbers that correspond to two teams each week (there is a grid which determines who your teams are each week). Every week we will pay out $100 to the winner. Your one ticket could win multiple weeks and gives you 17 chances. Ties will split the money. 


*Donated winnings back to BDAR. Thank you!

Week 6 - Panthers and Vikings
Purple Ticket - Kellie Frew
Green Ticket - Betty Nelson

Week 5 - Texans, Packers and Panthers (tied)
Purple Ticket 1 - Lee Dickinson*
Purple Ticket 2 - David Barker
Green Ticket 1 - Judy Cain*
Green Ticket 2 - Cecelia Gonzales*

Week 4 - Buccaneers, Rams and Browns (tied)
Purple Ticket 1 - Tracey Schlimm
Purple Ticket 2 - James Hobson
Green Ticket 1 - Sabrina Romero
Green Ticket 2 - Jim Mathis*

Week 3 - Vikings and Panthers
Purple Ticket - Missy Peterson*
Green Ticket - Austin Fermelia*

Week 2 - 49ers and Patriots
Green Ticket - Britney Wallesch*
Purple Ticket - Shaun Willmarty

Week 1 - Ravens and Titans
Green Ticket - Laura Conn
Purple Ticket - Paige Smith*