Black Dog Animal Rescue – the only organization of its kind dedicated exclusively to the pets and people of Wyoming

It’s not just about “saving black dogs.”

In fact, Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) is completely colorblind; we welcome in dogs of all colors—and ages, sizes, and breeds, too.

And it’s not just about finding loving forever homes for the hundreds of dogs that come through the doors of BDAR every year, either.

At BDAR, we’re working to change the way that companion animals—as well as their dedicated families—are recognized and supported by their communities.

And with every adoption;
every new volunteer who joins the program;
every person who reaches out and wants to know more about what BDAR is and what we’re envisioning…

We’re getting closer and closer to reaching that goal.
You see, although many communities in our great state have an animal shelter, very few have affordable and accessible spay and neuter services, assistance for low-income families with medical emergencies, experienced and professional behavior support, puppy socialization, help lines, re-homing assistance, feral cat management solutions, or shelter surrender intervention programs.

Nationwide, communities with access to programs like those listed above are experiencing drastic reductions in the euthanasia rates at their local animal shelters.

We say… it’s time to add Wyoming communities to that list!

In fact, we’re already putting programs and resources in place to make that goal a reality. What kind of resources, you ask?



Resources like:

Clyde’s Fund: Providing medical care for homeless animals with extraordinary needs and for whom adoption might not be an option without medical intervention.

Dog Behavior program: Supporting dogs who require behavioral intervention in order to find a successful adoptive home.

Foster care: A program designed to increase the capacity of the adoption program by placing animals in temporary care in the homes of willing volunteers.

High-volume adoptions: A program designed to place as many homeless pets in dedicated permanent homes as quickly as possible, , thereby freeing up physical, financial, and human resources necessary to care for new incoming animals, or those requiring more extensive therapies prior to adoption.

Low-cost microchips: Affording people the ability to have their pet permanently identified in the event they become missing and need to be reunited with their owner

Pet food pantry: Assisting members of the community with free dog and cat food and other supplies during times of financial hardship.
Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program: Re-homing assistance for dogs who need not ever enter a shelter.

What sets BDAR apart is our unique vision for Wyoming:
We’re the only rescue dedicated exclusively to helping Wyoming’s homeless pets and Wyoming’s pet owners.

Already, our existing programs have directly contributed to saving more than 1400 homeless dogs.

Imagine what kind of numbers we’ll be able to reach as our volunteer force grows, our momentum gathers, and we’re able to make even greater progress toward our ultimate goal: Making a permanent change in the way Wyoming communities view and provide support for companion animals and their devoted families.

Today is the perfect day to help create a better future for all Wyoming’s companion animals.

Be part of the momentum.
Support Black Dog Animal Rescue.

P.O. Box 2435 Cheyenne, WY 82003 (307) 214-6600
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